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Here at Newstallk 106 Radio, we have been members of Tradefirst for just over one year now and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight what an excellent trading system it really is.

As a fast growing business, our cost base is constantly changing with a continuous need to re-address expenditure budgets in many areas, not least the marketing, sales and promotional areas which is a very important part of our growth strategy.

Being in the media business means spare capacity is a necessary factor in the business model.

What Tradefirst have done is help us to quickly and easily convert much of that spare capacity into a wide range of expense requirements.

Since we joined Tradefirst, we have quickly and significantly reduced our cash expenditure on a wide range of expenses including, printing, advertising, marketing, freight & couriers, sales incentives and a whole range other goods and services. This has had a very positive effect on our cash flow and cost control.

We have also acquired many new loyal customers through the system and inevitably increased our sales.

The Tradefirst System is simple to use and process through our accounts system. It is also very dynamic with other new businesses joining all the time and a constant stream of new offers and trading opportunities becoming available.

If you genuinely want to reduce your costs, improve your cash flow and increase your presence in the marketplace, I can honestly recommend Tradefirst to you.

Patrick Hand – Financial Director,  Newstalk106FM